Rosella Prosecco Jelly

Native Rosella, or native sorrel, is an ingredient that many of us are all familiar with. Whilst many of us have seen it decorating the bottom of a champagne flute at special occasions, it has a lot more uses in the kitchen today.
Traditionally the sour buds of the fruit were used to make vibrant red jams or the leaves were used as a spinach substitute in many Greek dishes among the early European settlers. The plant has also long been a part of the indigenous Australians way of life and in 1886 it was documented that Aborigines harvested the young plant and ate the roots, young shoots and leaves as a part of their diet. The Aboriginals would also use the plant for more practical purposes by spinning the fibrous stem into string for everyday use within the tribe.
Today Rosella is readily available and grown around the world where it is commonly found preserved in liquid or frozen. Like the early settlers that came to Australia, I use the fruit to make jams. But I also candy the petals and use them on cheese boards and even make cordial to flavour and colour homemade drinks.
My Rosella Prosecco Jelly is continuing the obsession with pairing this native fruit with effervescent beverages and going one step further by adding a pinch of saffron to provide a delicate floral note that keeps you going back for more.