Grilled Tiger Prawns with Desert Lime Herb Salad

Desert Lime is fast becoming a common ingredient in specialty food stores and is snapped up by chefs and cooks of all ranks. For generations, Australian aboriginals have eaten this vibrant fruit straight off the tree and the early European settlers would turn the Desert Lime into pantry items like chutneys, pickles and marmalades. Nowadays ’this native fruit is getting a little more recognition and finding its way into many different dishes across Australia, although is highly recommended to eat it raw off the tree.

A small bright green fruit that has a flavour reminiscent of a lime mixed with a cumquat is high in vitamins C and E and folate and adds a citrus burst to any dish that you wish to incorporate it into. The Desert Lime is easy to use as it does not require any preparation. Simply slice or leave whole and add it to your dish to get that unmistakable Aussie citrus flavour. This small punchy ingredient is perfect for your next salad dressing or a sauce for seafood. The versatility of this unique ingredient is not limited to savoury cooking, try adding it to your next sorbet or jam for a zingy punch of flavour.

With my Desert Lime Herb Salad, the acidity of the desert limes are balanced by the sweetness of the grapes which are a perfect complement for the delicate Tiger Prawns.

Tip: If you cannot get Tiger Prawns use good quality and locally sourced prawns as an alternative.